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I bought, so I thought, 3bd, 3ba, no blackouts for 4 weeks. The company Encanto PRC located at EL Faro in Playa Del Carman, also known as Selective Escapes is nothing but a *** shell game of a company(s).

After purchasing I noticed something missing, maybe a few things. When you rescind your “membership” you have to do it in writing within 5 business days (does that include weekends? Noone knows). I called but, could not get an address, was assured that the process to rescind was started and they have 15 days to refund that was about 45 days ago.

All the paper work has no address. Phone numbers are bogus too. Finally got the number by calling front desk at EL Faro, so I;m calling international and get nothing but empty promises. Told person needed to talk to is busy, or they are out, whatever can never get through to anyone.

Have done my research and can not find anything negative about these companies. Probably because they all run this shell game. Encanto got me there and sold me. Selective Escapes took my money. And Encanto PRC, Private Residence Club, the PRC is a different company as well. So, I emailed about 12 people, nothing, even the CEO of Encanto. Then there is an owned by Garcia Porras and Luis Ernesto, who own many other companies.

Anyone else having this problem can go to Profeco which is Mexico's Federal Attorney's Office of Consumer (PROFECO) web site. They protect the rights of the consumer, to foment the intelligent consumption and to try the equity and juridical safety in the relations between suppliers and consumers.

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Monetary Loss: $2500.


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Is there a resolution, I too have been scammed $4100


Did you ever get a new address for them?I am dealing with profeco but court date nobody showed up because they couldn't find them.

Please email

to Seanham Minnesota, United States #871058

What address are you looking for?None of my paper work have an address.

Even the ones I did find didn't matter because of the shell game they play. That's how they get you because you don't know where to to turn and everyone passes the buck!

I went after the money. I have receipt from money exchange so, that's where I went.

When I couldn't get anywhere I disputed charges on my CC.

They never counter claimed so, I got my money back!Always use a Credit Card never allow them access to accounts that actually have money in them.


I also was scammed by encanto for 13000.00.all kinds of promises,also issued a prc number.had originally booked a vacation in jan 2014,cancelled and then they rebooked me and told me to send them 3200.00 for two weeks.i don't need to fill in the blanks I,ll leave that to your imagination.apparently the owners new this was going on since 2010 and could,nt do anything about it,how about posting a warning,too me their no better than the other scumbags.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #737327

seems to be a common too


We bought into the Encanto Private Residence Club in Playa Del Carmen Mexico in March of 2013 and have been fighting for answers since with no response.Per the Contract Encanto was to sign us up for the exchange (Interval International) with in 60 days and 7 months later absolutely nothing and no response to many emails and phone messages.

It is a nice facility but the private residence club appears to be just be a scam.Avoid this place.

to Lc2013 #795454

Same happened with us but ours was in cancuun. The phone number they gave us is now not in service. We are working with our credit card fraud dept to try to get the charges reversed.

to Dennis Minnesota, United States #871067

You don't want to say fraud, because you did authorize the transaction.Key word is, dispute.

You agreed to "X" and they did not deliver soooo, you dispute.

Theses people are a smash and grab gang.They are not going to respond and frankly probably have no way of responding to dispute as you have noticed from all the changed phone numbers.k


Global Advocates is currently investigating a complaint against Encanto PRC, at El Faro in Playa Del Carman. Aka: as Selective Escapes - in which an elderly man was taken for a significant amount of money. If it is at all possible we would like to have one of our Washington based investigators contact you regarding your complaint. It appears you are a victim of the same scam just on a smaller scale. If you are interested in provided information to us, which may be helpful in our investigation please contact us by email through our website at or by telephone at 202-355-6756. Your assistance in pursuing this alleged fraudulent organization is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

David Tillman

Director Victim Advocacy

to David #748084

We.too, were scammed of almost $10,000.

We would appreciate any help we could get too. We bought in April 2013 and also we have not been able to reach anyone. Interval International say we have many weeks sitting there but cant access them until Encanto deposits them for us.

PLEASE help!you can email us at

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